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Working Mothers Raise More Successful Daughters and Empathetic Sons; Says Harvard Study

As noted in the study - working mothers need not feel guilty about working because for the most part they are improving their daughters chances of gainful employment and creating sons that share household work.

Want to pursue your dreams and passions without sacrificing your family?  Want to do that will still climbing the corporate ladder or running your own successful business?  I partner with clients to develop or accelerate their career in a way that doesn't do it at the expense of family relationships.  Below are some typical plans or we can customize one just for you!

Success Fundamentals

Series designed to strengthen your ability to attract success over a 5-6 month period. Strengths in these fundamentals can fuel you to the next level or weakness can hold your true potential back. These specific modules will help you build the foundation to bring you greater success.

They are delivered one-on-one over two (2) 1-hour sessions per month via phone. The first session of the month will determine the level of current competency the client has in the area and will focus on learning and creating a short-term action plan. The second session will focus on execution of the plan and working through any challenges or obstacles.

1) Attitude is Everything:

What we believe dictates our actions; which determines our outcomes.  Opening ourselves to new perspectives and identifying limiting beliefs can transform your opportunity for success.

2) Smart Risk Taking:

 Recognize your logical and illogical fear.  Learn how to determine when your fears are holding you back from success and strategies for overcoming them.

3) Empower Your Career Prospects:

 Discover how to use your strengths and talents to get you where you want to go with less effort.  Learn to confidently communicate those strengths to others. This module will improve your self confidence and communication.

4) Being a Class Act:

From what you wear, to your presence, to the language you use. Create the right perception when you interact with others.

5) Discover Win-Win:

Understanding how to see situations from multiple perspectives. Learn negotiation skills that get you what you want while honoring all involved.

Customized Plan

Want something a little different? All plans can be customized for your specific needs. Feel free to schedule a call or contact me for more information.

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