I am a career and leadership coach with extensive experience in senior leadership, sales, hiring, recruiting, and team development in the corporate world. I have worked and excelled in male dominated industries. I have used my strengths around relationships, understanding others, and speaking the direct honest truth to get the necessary changes in an organization to meet tough goals. I am passionate about working with others so they can reach their potential; often more than they thought possible.

My clients are driven, motivated to a higher purpose, and take action. They want personal and professional success. They want to be awesome parents, leaders, and spouses. They are willing to do things differently, they are willing to look at things differently, and they are ready to stop making excuses. They are ready for some big-time success

Qualifications and experience:
My non-coaching background is mainly in sales and sales leadership. I have been a very successful face to face business to business sales person, I have learned how to become a very successful sales manager, and I have learned and become a great leader of large organizations. My coaching experience is varied and spans those just entering the workforce to senior leaders that are transitioning into a new role.

Training and Education:
Bachelors of Science, Business Administration, Marketing - University of Central Florida; Coaching Essentials - CoachU; Associate Certified Coach - International Coaching Federation


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"Transitioning out of a career can be hair raising, but this was such a helpful, clarifying experience. Really helped clarify things for me. Thanks so much!"

"Hi Stephanie,
I just wanted to let you know that I have a new job- exactly the timeline that I was hoping for (by July/August!)! Your coaching session influenced my mindset as I went into a rigorous interview process, especially guiding me to work on self-confidence.
Thank you for your work and skillful advice. I wanted you to know that it made a difference for me!"

"Very helpful. Clear communication and useful suggestions. Came away from our conversation with a page of notes and a better plan for what I need to do next. Thanks!"