6 Things To Do Your First 30 Days

So you got your dream job or that promotion –how do you keep that great opportunity?

1) Make a great initial impression

So it’s your first day!  Let’s make sure it is the right impression.  Before your first day verify when you should be reporting to work, where you should be, and to whom you need to report to…  Believe it or not some organizations assume you know – or they are so glad they finally filled the role; they forget to give you the details.

Professional WomanShow up 5-10 minutes early (not 30 minutes) – be well dressed for the role (no wrinkles, wear decent shoes, hair/nails neat and groomed, etc.).  During your first day – have something that you bring to take notes on.  You want to take notes of anything someone else thinks is important.  This shows them that you think it is important too (instant connection!).  You can also jot down names as you are introduced around the workplace.

End of the first day – don’t be ready to run out of there right when quitting bell rings.  If presented with the opportunity – stay a few minutes late and chat with a co-worker, employee or boss.  What these people say about you in the first week will cement your early brand/perception in the company. That brings us to the next tip.

2) Show interest in others

Ask people’s names, ask about their kids/family, and ask about what they do at the company.  You can even ask them how you can help them in your role.  For example – if you are a sales person you can ask the people that are responsible for delivering your products to the customer what you can do to make their lives easier.

Caution – this must be genuine – you must actually care – otherwise it will come off as politicking and it will actually create negative impression.  So if you are someone that has a hard time getting interested in others – set some weekly goals around learning different areas of this new business by asking people about their jobs and what they do.  That will serve two goals for you – one you will learn what is really going on and you will show interest in other people.

3) Make connections

Now that you have shown some interest in others – it is a good time to make some connections.  The goal here is to make a deeper connection with others – the more of those you have – the better impression overall people will have of you in the organization.  This also includes your boss – which will be a key relationship that will drive not only your satisfaction in your current role – but possibly your future for advancement and income earnings.

NetworkingThis doesn’t mean that you have to be best friends with everyone – but you know when you have made connections when people start seeking you out, asking you to lunch, etc.  You may need to initially start these interactions, but by the end of your first 30 days – you should have at least 2 people that would like to have lunch with you.  You should also know enough information about others that you know some spouses names and or professions; kids names and/or activities; and know what some of them really care about.

4) Take time to understand

Then take the time to understand – so instead of superficially just memorizing people’s favorite sports teams or what they do on the weekends, start understating them as a person.  What motivates them?  What values drive them?  What really irritates them?  This will help you understand how to better communicate with them and also align your goals with their goals. People who are able to master this are able to get things accomplished quickly even in the most bureaucratic organizations.  During the first 30 days will just be the tip of the iceberg and it is something you will need to continue for success with others.

5) Deliver on your promises

How do you gain trust with others?  Well you need to be credible and deliver on what you promise.  During your initial month- you want to make promises that are 100% within your control.  An example would be: “I will call you back this afternoon”.  Then you call back the earliest in the afternoon as possible, not waiting until 4:50pm to make the call.  When your co-workers, boss, and/or employees see you making promises and delivering – early – that is truly impactful.

People believe the actions people take over the words they say.

Was there anything in the interview that you promised or said you would do?  Check with your manager before charging ahead to make sure that they are on the same page and then make it happen!  If you said that you can see 10 customers a day as a sales rep – that is what they are going to expect from you when you start.  If you were hired to get accounting practices in line – then take visible steps that show you are making that start to happen during the first 30 days.

6) Ask for feedback

Make time the first 2-3 weeks to ask for feedback from your boss and others on your team every week.  You can start by “So how do you think I am doing so far?”  Then probe for greater clarity – you are seeking areas that they feel you have made an impact; areas they think you can focus on in the upcoming week; and you are also demonstrating you care about your boss/team and the company.  You need to make sure that you actually take the advice and suggestions – if the advice seems strange, don’t be afraid to talk to your manager about the suggestions to see if it makes sense.